Medicare Web Services

Launched earlier in 2022 Medicare’s new online claiming system, referred to as web services, requires all software vendors to become compliant and then migrate all existing clients to the new platform.

We are happy to announce that all of our active sites have been migrated over and running under the new Web Service protocols. Shexie Platinum is one of the few specialist practice management systems that maintains a high level of Medicare integration to ensure that clients experience a smooth and easy claiming process.

One thing that separates Shexie Platinum from the rest is having features like the Online Eligibility Check which allows a practice to ensure a patient is covered for their intended procedure in the hospital well in advance of the surgery. This ensure there are no last minute operating list shuffles due to the hospital determining that the patient is not covered.

Another feature that sets Shexie Platinum apart is how the system automatically reconciles all incoming Remittance Advice reports from Medicare, DVA and Health Funds via ECLIPSE against their respective invoices. This saves practices valuable time as they no longer have to allocate these payments themselves manually.

Should you like to learn more about how Shexie Platinum could benefit your practice, simply call our team and one of our highly trained staff members will be more than happy to assist.