Shexie Platinum complete practice management system

About Us

Practice Management Software Company Shexie Pty Ltd is a Sydney based software development company that specialises in the delivery of software solutions to practice managers, surgeons, specialists and general practitioners.

Our flagship product Shexie Platinum is widely used in Australia and is well known for its ease of use, reliability, full range of advanced features, and friendly and prompt customer service and care.

The system can support medical practices ranging in size from single users to multiple users at multiple locations and can be run as an on premise solution or in the cloud.

Since its founding in 1994, Shexie utilised the full services of IT, Medical and Practice Management professionals and experts in order to develop and constantly upgrade its products.

That is why Shexie Platinum is used in such places such as the departments of surgery at the Nepean District Hospital, the RPA Melanoma Unit and many others.

Shexie was founded in 1994
Our Mission at Shexie Platinum

At Shexie, we have a commitment to excellent customer service and care.

Our strategy is to keep improving our products in order to effectively meet the demands of our clients, and to be always in a position where we provide personalised and prompt service to our customers.

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