Hardware Requirements

  • Any Pentium PC running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or higher can run Shexie Platinum
    Recommended: Pentium 5 PC or higher running Windows 8.1 Professional (64bit) or Windows 10 Professional (64bit)
    Windows 10: Recommended Quad core cpu with min 8GB of RAM.

    Please Note: Medicare (DOHS) Online Claiming next version (June 2015) will only support 64bit machines. We will not be moving to this version yet to give our sites time to upgrade their hardware if necessary for this change.
  • Monitor SVGA or above, Screen resolution must support at least 1024x768. Recommended 1680x1050 or higher resolution
  • CD-ROM/DVD drive
  • Hard disk drive: Minimum 80 gigabyte for workstation. 250 gigabytes or more recommended for main computer. Note: Storage requirements for scanned or captured images can vary considerably depending on number of images, size and resolution.
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Printer - Multiple trays and colour printers are supported
  • Broadband Internet (cable/ADSL) - Email, Internet, Shexie MBS/DVA/Fund Rates Download, Pathology/Radiology Results Download, Online Claiming/Eclipse, MIMS Data Download, Remote support
  • For networking environments, a minimum of 100baseT (100Mb/s) Ethernet network is required. Gigabit (1,000Mb/s) or higher networks are recommended. Note: Shexie Platinum can run on Wireless networks
  • A dedicated server is required if there are more than 10 workstations. If there are up to 10 workstations, a dedicated server is optional
  • Dedicated Server Requirements: Windows 2008 Server or later
  • Where remote access is required via server, Terminal Services is required. Broadband(cable/ADSL) Internet connection is also required for remote access. Note: Terminal Server Remote Desktop sessions can be wireless
  • Remote access via workstation is available using Windows 7 Professional (or later), or products such as Teamviewer or LogMeIn. Note: Remote machine takes control of the host machine

Backup Device

  • Consult with your hardware suppliers to ensure that you have the correct backup hardware & software for your system. Shexie staff would be happy to liase with your hardware people to ensure that they set up the appropriate backup for your site. As a rough guide,
    * Small to medium size systems (up to 10 workstations): USB drive recommended minimum 8 Gigabyte
    * Large sites (> 10 workstations): Tape drive backup
  • Where large amounts of images are stored, a larger capacity backup may be required. Please contact Shexie HelpDesk for more information.

Optional Hardware

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - this is recommended for dedicated servers and in areas where the power supply is unreliable or dirty
  • Scanner (with Twain interface support) - Multiple page documents supported (ie: Fujitsu fi-6230)
  • Digital Camera (with Twain interface support) - Multiple image capture supported
  • Medicare Card Reader (Posiflex MR2000 - USB (FMR2000U-1/2))
  • Sound - Microphone and Speakers - Sound is not a requirement for Shexie Platinum but some files (sound, movie) may use sound. Also some software products use speech recognition for transcribing letters and reports
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