Shexie Platinum is a full Practice Management and Clinical system, which has been designed to run on the Windows® Operating Systems. Shexie Platinum is an all encompassing medical practice package providing features and functionality to meet the complex demands of today's practice management. Some of the many features of Shexie Platinum are listed below:

Patient Database: Patient demographics, contact details, referral details

Appointment Handling. Booking, Waiting Lists, Waiting rooms

Multi Provider Capability: Providers with multiple locations, Locums, Redirected billing, First Available Doctor.

Billing: Quick and Simple Billing including automatic calculation of the gap and many common derived items including Assist, Anaesthetic, and Diagnostic (DI) items

Receipting: Quick Pay option to receipt directly from the Invoice panel. Pay single or multiple invoices. Gap payments. Pre-payments. Ledger Payments.

EFTPOS: EFTPOS payments using the TYRO system are fully integrated with the Platinum receipting process.

Assist Only Billing: If you want to bill for the assistant only, Shexie will automatically calculate the assist fees, and print invoices with surgeon and surgery items.

Electronic Claiming: Full Medicare, DVA, In-hospital Health Fund, Overseas Patient, Day Surgery Online Claiming is completely integrated into Platinum. No 'bolt-ons'.

Laser Printed Medicare and DVA Vouchers: Bulk bill vouchers, PC1 claim forms, electronic claiming advices

Creditors Ledger: Assistant and Co-surgeon Reports, Locums, Billing Agent Reports

Full Range of Financial Reports: Daily, monthly, yearly, or ad hoc reporting.

MBS, DVA, Fund Rates Load: Latest Rates are available from our website. Each morning you log into Shexie Platinum, it automatically checks to see if there have been any rate changes and prompts you to have them downloaded and updated automatically.

Patient Recall Letters Choice of report, standard letter, custom letter, re-occuring, Recall follow up

Surgical Audit: Capture statistical event data and produce analysis graphs or reports. Use custom designed forms to easily capture information specific to your practice's specialty

Interfaces to Microsoft Word for Word Processing: Letters, reports, clinical notes

Interfaces to Outlook on PDAs. Appointments and patient details.

Pathology/Radiology Download: You can load pathology results directly into Shexie Platinum. Have the Pathology company install their download software and that's it. No third party software is required.

Pathology Requests Request forms can be printed from Platinum

Script Writing: Scripts can be written and printed from Platinum. You can use the power of MIMS Integrated for obtaining drug details and interaction checking when writing scripts.

This list is only a fraction of what Shexie Platinum can do for your practice. It is loaded with other features and we are always working to add new capabilities and improve existing ones. Should you wish to know more about any of the features listed above please do not hesitate to contact us via our Help Desk on 1300 743 943.

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