Serving the Medical Practice Management Industry

Our product/service is purchased by surgeons, specialists, and medical centres Australia wide. Below is a list of testimonials from just a few of our clients that we have provided our services for over the years.

We have been using Shexie in our office for about five years, and it is a vast improvement over our previous system. Customising it for a plastic surgical practice has been a boon, and the product continues to improve. I have recommended it to many colleagues.

David G. Pennington FRCS(Ed), FRACS

My practice has used the Shexie program for approximately five years, during this time my staff has found the system very easy to use and we find that with it's many features it adequately suits our very busy clinic.
We find the Shexie system and its functions easy to use and therefore this cuts down on time when training new staff members. Both administrative and research staff find Shexie an asset when collating data. The system's "audit details" is extremely beneficial for my research program.
Whenever the help line has been utilized we have found assistance to be prompt and instructions clear and concise.

Gregory L Falk
Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
Sydney Heartburn Clinic
Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery and Laparoscopy

Shexie Medical System is very simple to use and is backed up by friendly support staff. It helps our busy office run efficiently

Practice Manager For Phil Brenner
Consultant Urologist, Sydney

Working as a temporary practice manager, secretary or receptionist in medical practices, I have used many medical software packages. Of all the software packages I would say that Shexie is my favourite. Shexie is extremely robust and realible. It is user friendly, can do as much or as little as your want it to do, and each time I use it I am always surprised to find yet another update with even more options. I would not hesitate to recommend Shexie to any medical practice.

Yvette Allen
Director, Allen Consultants Pty Ltd

I have used the medical software package, Shexie, for the past four and a half years and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable, accessible and professional software package for their medical practice.
In the day-to-day running of a busy specialist practice, I require software I can use for all general reception needs such as: an easy to read appointment schedule; quick access to patient details; letter writing component with the ability to attach these letters to patients computer files for quick access; invoicing and receipting at different fee levels (often including 50 day discounts); etc. In my role as Practice Manager I also require a package which can supply me with accurate practice data including banking reports, statistic reports, lists of assistant/surgeon fees; etc., all of which Shexie provides.
One of my favourite aspects of the Shexie system is its well set out, user-friendly appearance. While the main appointment screen is detailed, it is not overwhelming. I have trained many first time users in the Shexie program and have always found it not only straightforward to teach, but also easy for the new employee to understand. It is important for new staff to feel confident in their position and I have found user-friendly software packages, such as Shexie, help cut down the training period and assist the new employee to settle into their position quicker.
Another important aspect of a medical software package in a busy practice is that of the Program Support. Although Shexie are a Sydney based company and I am in Brisbane, I have always found their help to be prompt and knowledgeable. Company Directors, Randal and Dean, alternate regular visits to Brisbane for software updates and installations, which they are happy to fit in around our practice schedule. I find them both to be very aware of the consumer market and constantly encouraging of any suggestions that could make the program even better. Suggestions I have made in the past have been acknowledged and even contributed towards updates to the program.
Over the past ten years I have used four other software packages in both general and specialist practices. By far the easiest to learn, most reliable and comprehensive package I have used in this time has been Shexie. I have, and will continue to confidently recommend it to other Medical Practices.

Alicia Hoddinott
Practice Manager
Dr Andrew Stevenson, Colorectal Surgeon, Brisbane