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We are happy to announce that we are developing eHealth facilities for Shexie Platinum. In line with the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), Shexie Platinum will be following the standards, and gaining compliance for eHealth storage and ‘site to site’ transfer of health data.

This will allow Shexie Platinum to transmit and receive data within the health industry with any other system that is compliant with the national standards. This includes Pathology Results, Radiology Results, Electronic Scripts, Discharge Summaries, Electronic Letters and many other forms of communication.

Also provided will be facilities to search for and store Health Identifiers – Individual Health Identifies, Provider Health Identifiers, Organization Health Identifiers.

Access will also be provided to a patient’s My Health Record (formerly called Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record - PCEHR).

This will allow the provider (where sanctioned by the patient) to:

  • check if the patient has a My Health Record
  • View the stored history on My Health Record
  • Add Event Records (summary/details of a consult/procedure) to My Health Record
  • and in the case where the provider is the primary consultant, upload My Health Record.

Clinical Terminology, in future, will be based on the SNOMED standard. Templates of clinical data developed by NEHTA for the Detailed Clinical Models (DCMs) used will be used to standardise the capture and storage of clinical data. This will allow information to be stored and transported in not only a user readable format, but also a ‘machine readable’ (atomic) format as well.

Shexie Platinum is the next generation of our software that is designed to include eHealth and My Health Record.

As the eHealth space continues to expand, Shexie will be there to keep up with the pace and ensure that Shexie Platinum is the Ultimate Practice Management and Clinical system.

For more information on eHealth see NEHTA website:

News item from NEHTA regarding Vendor Involvement: NEHTA: Software Developers start achieving My Health Record Connectivity


Please contact Shexie Help Desk on 1300 743 943 if you have any questions.

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